Naples Island Business Association

NIBA Welcomes You!

During this challenging National Emergency we are striving to gather timely information on the status of our Naples Island Communityn Business Partners.
We have partnered with the Naples Improvement Association and Naples CERT in the creation of Naples Strong webpage For timely information.
The Link can be found here
We will also be posting regular updates on our Facebook page 
and through email blasts.
 Please also visit the websites of each individual businesses for additional information.  

Thank you and #NaplesStrong

Day or night, Naples Island is a wonderful place to stroll, shop, and dine 
without the hustle and bustle of crowded shopping malls or imposing business centers.

     Naples Island businesses offer a personal connection that you'll appreciate. 
You will find a host of diverse stores, beauty and health facilities, professional services, 
hidden treasures, and some of the best restaurants and shops in all of Long Beach!
      Naples is a place where you can actually develop relationships with 
store owners, practitioners, restaurant staff, and other business workers. 
It is sure to give you a friendly small-town vibe that you'll love!

The purpose of NIBA is to raise awareness of outstanding local businesses on Naples Island as well as connect these businesses to one another to enhance the cities economy and help the community thrive.